The Pulse of Savings Groups

SAVIX is the only reporting system that provides standardised and up-to-date reports on Savings Groups programmes worldwide. By collecting, validating and visualizing financial and operational data from about 600,000 savings groups across Africa, APAC and LATAM, covering 13 million members, it enables benchmarking and informed decision-making, critical for ensuring high-quality programme results and helps to set national, sub-regional and continental norms.

Changing the World - One Member at a Time

Savings Groups are small, member-owned institutions composed of people who save together and take small loans from those savings. Transparent, structured and democratic, they have proven to be one of the most effective, low-cost mechanisms for providing basic financial services to the poor in the developing world, at a very large scale.


Institutions using it


Projects' financial and operational data


Savings groups

13 million

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The SAVIX MIS is a cloud-based system that allows individual organisations to create savings group projects. It allows for the aggregation and comparison of different projects at national, sub-regional and continental levels and is readily customised to incorporate a range of user-defined fields. It has become the industry standard for reporting on savings group programmes, using 29 standard indicators and up to 20 created by the user.

The SAVIX Dashboard

The SAVIX MIS dashboard is a visual interface that allows the user to select up to 12 metrics and apply them to national, sub-regional and regional maps, where individual project results are averaged and aggregated. The metrics were developed jointly by VSL Associates and SEEP’s Savings-led Financial Services Working Group for a list of these metrics and their supporting formulae.

About Us

The SAVIX is managed by VSL Associates, a consortium of microfinance practitioners dedicated to spreading basic, affordable and profitable community-managed financial services throughout the world.

The SAVIX is powered by Software Group, a global technology company specialized in digitalization and integration solutions for financial service providers.