Data Entry Requirements

The SAVIX is based on a STANDARDISED MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM. The MIS has a simple data export tool that enables project administrators to upload their data directly to the site. Data is reported on a quarterly basis and active projects may upload their data up to 45 days following the end of each quarter.

The MIS is based on group-level data and a series of 24 data items.  The system will only accept the upload of complete MIS data files and reject any file that is incomplete.  In addition, there is a series of six project-level data items which must be entered. For a list of all data items and their definitions, CLICK HERE.


The SAVIX generates a total of 29 metrics, which include outreach indicators (e.g. number of groups), membership data (e.g. % of women), portfolio indicators (e.g. value of loans outstanding) and key performance ratios (e.g. annualised return on assets).

These metrics include the 10 key performance ratios for community-managed microfinance developed by the Savings-led Financial Services Working Group of the Small Enterprise Education and Promotion (SEEP) Network; and were further developed by the SAVIX. For a list of all metrics and their definitions, CLICK HERE.


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