Our Team

The SAVIX is managed by VSL Associates, a consortium of microfinance practitioners dedicated to spreading basic, affordable and profitable community-managed financial services throughout the world.

And the SAVIX is powered by Software Group, a microfinance service provider committed to the use of appropriate and affordable technology within the sector.


Hugh Allen Photo

Hugh Allen

Managing Director


Hugh Allen is the founder and CEO of VSL Associates. He has worked in international development since 1970, focusing most of the last twenty years on microfinance and technology-focused market development activities.

As Managing Director, Hugh is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the SAVIX.

Geraline O’Keeffe photo

Geraldine O’Keeffe

Director of Technology


Geraldine O’Keeffe is the Chief Operations Officer of Software Group BG. She heads up the Kenyan office and works to provide a range of consultancy services and software products to various financial sector players both in Africa and beyond.

She has worked closely with VSL Associates over the years both to design and develop the SAVIX platform and to help maintain and improve on the MIS solutions for this sector.

Vladislav Marinov photo

Vladislav Marinov

Database Manager


Vladislav Marinov is a Senior Business Analyst with Software Group BG.

He assists microfinance institutions in the planning and implementation of software solutions. As Database Manager, Vladislav is responsible for the maintenance of the website and provides technical support to users.

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