The SAVIX MIS: Setup and use

Below you can download a comprehensive Power Point manual to get you started on the MIS. It is divided into 4 parts:

1. Architecture of the MIS. This presents the basic structure of the MIS and shows how
    • the MIS can contain several projects
    • projects can be linked: at the level of a single-country MIS and externally in a private Network (which can cover several countries)

2. The role of the MIS Administrator. This shows how to:
    • set up the MIS
    • create credentials for all users
    • add projects to an MIS
    • create user-defined fields

3. The role of the Project Administrator shows how to:
    • set up a table of trainers
    • create user-defined categories and fields

4. Data Entry. This shows how standard data and user-defined data is entered

The manual offers step-by-step screen shots and explanatory notes and is sufficient to get the user started with an MIS and entering data. A companion manual is being prepared at this time covering:

Reports. These are quite intuitive, but will allow the user to prepare reports at the Project, MIS and Network levels, plus advising on interpretation of the data
The role of the Network Administrator


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The SAVIX MIS setup and data entry guide English December 2016 Download


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