May 2 | 2011

Score Rating Interpretation
>90% * * * * Reported data is extremeley reliable: primary records are complete and extremely accurate
80–90% * * * Reported data is reliable: primary records are of acceptable accuracy and completeness
79–79% * * Reported data generally reflects actual project performance but is unreliable or inconsistent: primary records are of unacceptable accuracy and completeness
<79% * Reported data does not reflect actual project performance: primary records are missing, incomplete or extremely inaccurate

Update and revisions to SAVIX data quality ratings

Benchmarking and informed decision-making are critical for high-quality group expansion, replication and improved services for members.

The aim of this site is to facilitate the useful analysis – by practitioners, policy-makers and donors of accurate and comparable project data.

The Savings Groups Information Exchange now provides data quality ratings for a total of 32 projects in 8 countries. Based on its growing experience in data quality measurement, the SAVIX has revised its rating system in May 2011 to more adequately reflect the measured variance in data accuracy across projects.

Using a standard data accuracy measurement tool, projects are assessed by the SAVIX and receive one to four stars based on the measured accuracy of its primary records at the level of the group and field staff.

The revised rating system is summarised in the table on the right.


October 4 - 6 | 2011 Arusha, Tanzania

The Arusha Savings Groups Summit

Two and a half million members of savings groups in Africa, Asia and Latin America point to a robust methodology. Accessible, transparent and affordable, these groups attract those at the bottom of the pyramid who have experienced barriers to other financial service options. 

The purpose of this conference is to share collective experience with savings groups with respect to methods, innovation and impact in order to develop a vision for their place within the broader range of financial services and their contribution to financial inclusion.

Registration deadline: September 20, 2011 (early registration ends June 30, 2011). For more information on the conference and registration, visit the conference website:


July 18 - August 5 | 2011 Turin, Italy

Pre-registration is now open for the 17th annual Boulder Microfinance Training (in English and French)

The Boulder Institute of Microfinance

The Boulder Microfinance Training programme provides participants with a unique three-week technical immersion experience focused on sustainable microfinance, and the creation of a community that will have an enduring influence for years to come.

Participants join together with expert faculty and step outside of their day-to-day work to reflect, analyse, and debate microfinance issues, trends and new topics.

The programme offers over 60 elective courses (in English and French) to choose from, allowing participants to tailor their own training experience based on the specific needs of their organisation, role, and interests. Registration deadline: June 18, 2011.

For more information, visit the programme website:


June 20 - July 1 | 2011 Durham, New Hampshire, USA

Sustainable Microenterprise and Development Certificate

The Carsey Institute, University of New Hampshire

The SMDP Certificate is a comprehensive two-week programme emphasising a livelihoods approach to microfinance and enterprise development. The programme is built upon a foundation of sustainable livelihoods and explores the theories behind the practice of microfinance, microenterprise, and value chain development.

The programme will offer a community-level perspective, examining programmes implemented in the developing world as well as economically-challenged areas within the U.S. Scholarships are available from the MasterCard Foundation.

For complete course and registration information, visit the programme website:


May 2 - 20 | 2011 Halifax, Canada

Certificate in Community-Based Microfinance

Coady International Institute, St. Francis Xavier University

The three-week on-campus certificate programme covers community-based microfinance methodologies including Village Savings and Loan Associations, Self-Help Groups, SACCOs and financial cooperatives. The course is designed for mid to senior level microfinance practitioners, regulators and donors. Registration deadline (May session): February 23, 2011.

For more information, visit the programme website:


Le 2 au 6 mai | 2011 Lomé, Togo

Cours en microfinance communautaire: Une approche innovatrice aux services financiers pour individus à faible revenu (en français)

The Carsey Institute, University of New Hampshire

University of New Hampshire, VSL Associates et le réseau MAIN offrent un cours en microfinance communautaire, traitant des principes, des concepts et des meilleures pratiques du secteur. L’objectif principal de ce cours est d’apporter aux étudiants une méthodologie et des outils pour appuyer l’élaboration et la gestion de projets en microfinance communautaire.  Jusqu'à dix bourses d'études sont disponibles auprès de la Fondation MasterCard. Date limite d’inscription: le 22 avril, 2011. Date limite de demande de bourse: 28 mars, 2011.

Pour recevoir toutes les informations concernant le cours et l’inscription, veuillez s’adresser au site du cours: 


March 14 – 25 | 2011 Accra, Ghana

Sustainable Microenterprise and Development Programme

The Carsey Institute, University of New Hampshire

The SMDP-Ghana is an intensive training programme offering critical skills for African microfinance and enterprise development leaders.  The two-week programme offers four learning tracks: 1) Microfinance Essentials; 2) Institutional Strengthening of MFIs (risk management and performance measurement); 3) Community-Managed Microfinance (programme design, implementation and management information systems); and 4) Pro-Poor Enterprise Development.  Participants may register for one or two weeks and for a combination of the above learning tracks. Registration deadline: February 25, 2011.

For more information, visit the programme website:


28 de febrero - 4 de marzo | 2011 Accra, Ghana

Foro en línea SEEP: Grupos de Ahorro en América Latina (en español)


Foro en línea

El interés de la industria en las metodologías basadas en el ahorro se ha focalizado en el continente Africano debido a su expansión exitosa en esa región. Sin embargo, últimamente muchas organizaciones han empezado a adoptar y comprobar la eficacia de esta metodología en América Latina. Con este foro en línea buscamos facilitar un intercambio de ideas e información sobre programas en América Latina, crear enlaces entre profesionales y así dar una voz a las iniciativas en esta parte del mundo. La conferencia en línea tratará temas de interés para los participantes, especialmente discusiones sobre los retos y posibilidades en la región de América Latina.

Para mayor información, favor de comunicarse con Laura Fleischer Proaño ( o Eloisa Devietti (


February 7 – May 22 | 2011 Accra, Ghana

Certificate in Community-Based Microfinance and Member-Owned Institutions

Coady International Institute, St. Francis Xavier University

On-line distance programme

This 15-week on-line course provides community-based microfinance practitioners with current methods, cases, and peer dialogue to deepen their practice and understanding of member-owned microfinance.  Registration deadline: December 20, 2010.

For more information, visit the programme website:

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