May 2 | 2011

Score Rating Interpretation
>90% * * * * Reported data is highly reliable: primary records are complete and accurate
80–90% * * * Reported data is reliable: primary records are of acceptable accuracy and completeness
79–79% * * Reported data generally reflects actual project performance but is unreliable or inconsistent: primary records are of unacceptable accuracy and completeness
<79% * Reported data does not reflect actual project performance: primary records are missing, incomplete or extremely inaccurate

Update and revisions to SAVIX data quality ratings

Benchmarking and informed decision-making are critical for high-quality group expansion, replication and improved services for members.

The aim of this site is to facilitate the useful analysis – by practitioners, policy-makers and donors of accurate and comparable project data.


The Savings Groups Information Exchange now provides data quality ratings for a total of 32 projects in 8 countries. Based on its growing experience in data quality measurement, the SAVIX has revised its rating system in May 2011 to more adequately reflect the measured variance in data accuracy across projects.

Using a standard data accuracy measurement tool, projects are assessed by the SAVIX and receive one to four stars based on the measured accuracy of its primary records at the level of the group and field staff.

The revised rating system is summarised in the table on the right.




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